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Executive Exemption

Executive employees -- such as managers and supervisors - can be exempt from overtime pay if their job duties involve the management of a customarily recognized department


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Professional Exemption

To qualify as an exempt professional under FLSA, an employee must be actually performing job duties that require advanced creative, artistic or innovative skills, such as law and medicine


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Administrative Jobs

Administrative employees performing clerical work or data entry or filling out forms are exempt from overtime only if they exercise discretion as to matters of significance 


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Computer Exemption

In order for a computer employee to be exempt, the employee must be employed as a computer systems analyst, computer programmer, software engineer, or other similarly skilled worker


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Inside Salespersons

To qualify as an exempt inside sales employee, at least 50% of the employees total income in a given pay period must come from sales commissions


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Outside Salespersons

In order to qualify for the outside sales exemption, employees must be away from the office 50% or more of the time actually "making sales"


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